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All in all is all we are.

Moments of drama and clarity.

Kristen (something of an embodiment of chaos)
19 January
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It's a surprise.
1984, a drama party production, afi, almost famous, at the drive-in, athens, beautiful skies, belts, bikini kill, blerp, brand new, broad street rome, chocolate, clarity, clouds, coffee, coheed and cambria, colorado, colors, corn pudding, coulier, courdoroy, creeks, cursive, dashboard confessional, distortion, dogs for quarters, donnie darko, downtown rome, elliott smith, eyeliner, fight club, flying, from autumn to ashes, george orwell, gilmore girls, gum, guns n roses, henri de toulouse-lautrec, hobbits, holding hands, homestar runner, hot hot heat, ice, indian rap, infatuation, ireland, jess, jesse lacey, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, kate chopin, kisses, kissing in the rain, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, lightning, london, love, mike/andy semi-pro football, modest mouse, mohawks, mysterious eyes, nirvana, nofx, parasailing, phantom of the opera, pictures, playing guitar, playing piano, poland, pretty girls make graves, psychology, punch drunk, queen, rain, rainbows, recover, saves the day, scotland, shaggy hair, shows, singing, snow skiing, sonic youth, spikes, star wars, stars, stomachs, strawberry jesus-and-the illuminati, sunrises, sunsets, swinging, taking back sunday, the anniversary, the awakening, the beatles, the blood brothers, the breeders, the eyeliners, the get up kids, the goonies, the pixies, the salvation army, the screaming trees, the scripts, the sloppy meateaters, the smashing pumpkins, the vines, the virgin suicides, thunderstorms, thursday, treephort, under the weather, vinnie acardi, vinyl, violin, we versus the shark, ween, weezer, wings, writing, yoohoo&skittles